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Nanak Driving School has been providing thousands of novice and expert drivers, driving techniques and skills needed to drive safely and expertly on the roads of Canada

Nanak Driving School is a school which provides the Ministry Approved Driver Education Certificate Course. All of the in-class and in-car curriculum taught to our students has been approved by the Ministry of Transportation and is taught by professional, fully licensed instructors.


Browse our site and find out how Nanak Driving School can help you to get your Driving License and most importantly become a safe and responsible driver.


  • We provide training in Class 1, 2, 3 4 & 5 (Truck, Trailers & Cars)

  • Class 1 - Tractor Trailor.

  • Class 2 - School Bus & Commericial Bus.

  • Class 3 - A Single motor Vechicle with 3 axles.

  • Class 4 - Taxi & Ambulance.

  • Class 5 - Car.



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6605-34St.NW Edmonton


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